Grand Arena offers a fantastic stay for you to reside and spend your time peacefully and experience the most memorable moments


A home away from your home is what our Madhuvan is. Madhuvan is part of this best sports village in Telangana, where you find a total of 16 rooms with convenient facilities, scenic surroundings, great hygiene maintenance, a nice breeze, and a place so calm for you to enjoy your stay to the maximum. 

With a myriad of opulent 5-star facilities, Grand Arena is the right place which also has a big indoor banquet hall and two outdoor lawns to enjoy a serene weekend, a long wedding celebration, or an entertaining holiday with your family and friends.



Leveling up your staying experience at Grand Arena. Get premium residence options that offer the best services that include 5-star maintenance, strict hygiene practices, scenic views of nature, etc. Leave it up to us to make your weekend entertaining here. Stay Tuned!