6 Reasons to choose Grand Arena as Getaway Weekend Resort

We live a fast-paced life. We all work for nine hours or more and become tired by the end of the day. For example, software engineers in an IT firm work nine to ten hours daily. Sometimes, they also have to work on weekends, depending on the workload. In such cases, they get extremely tired of working. So, the fact is that they do need a weekend break, such as going to a resort. A weekend trip to a resort is a must for a person to have a positive change and mind refreshment. That trip also helps the person to gain the energy needed for working after returning from the trip. 

Mentioned below are the reasons to choose Grand Arena as a weekend resort:

1. Enjoyable Facilities

Grand Arena allows you to conduct social gatherings, indoor activities, restaurants, etc. It also has a cricket stadium that gives you the space to play cricket. It also contains a campfire site which is helpful during camping. In addition, it ensures that you have the best time and enjoy it in a way like never before. 

2. Green Cricket Field

It contains a green cricket field with sight screens on both sides for White and Red ball matches. In addition, it has two practice nets and floodlights for night matches. People can play cricket during the night and day. They’ll have a natural feeling of playing cricket in the cricket stadium and can play without restrictions. So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Pad up and grab the bat to feel the ambience of cricket.

3. Games

Do you expect to play games during your vacation at a weekend getaway resort? Of course, you will. Grand Arena’s bowling alley will allow you to play games with a competitive spirit and give you new energy. It also has games such as billiards, table tennis, air hockey, carom, chess, etc.  

4. Swimming Pool

We know swimming is an activity that helps remove blazing heat and stress. Grand Arena contains a clean and hygienic swimming pool where people can have a relaxing time in the pool or participate in water sports with friends or family members.

5. Kid’s Play Area

The kid’s play area is for the kids to play with their friends. The playgrounds are for children of specific age groups. Some playgrounds have themes to attract kids to come and play there. 

Grand Arena consists of a park for the kids to come and play when they get bored. The park contains swings, slides and climbing frames that give them a strong feeling of freedom as they climb the equipment.

6. Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms are for people to work out and have some fresh air. It is necessary for people as they get fresh air to breathe and energy. Grand Arena provides outdoor gyms for people to enjoy their fitness routine. The fresh air and workout motivation that arises with being outside is advantageous for the physical and mental health of the people. People doing fitness workouts in the outdoor gyms of Grand Arena can feel good and be happy. In addition, they’ll also feel energetic and healthy due to gyming in the fresh air. 


People, especially those working, have to go to a resort to enjoy a lovely holiday and remove their tiresomeness from work. In addition, it helps them to refresh their mind and gain new hope and energy to do work and perform well when they return. Grand Arena is the best resort in Hyderabad, providing the best facilities, services and comforts. 

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