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What to Wear to a Resort? 

Resorts and all are fun until the idea of choosing the best resort outfit hits you. We know how difficult it is to choose the right outfit for resorts. Different types of resorts ask for different types of attire to fit into the luxurious lifestyle of the resort. What also matters is what you are looking for in a resort. 

You can individually choose to go for some chill resort vibes with minimalistic dresses and effortless casuals. However, if you want to slay your resort wear and be the talk of the town in everything you wear, then read the below-mentioned ideas that will help you dress the best for the resorts. Let’s get started: 

5 Resort outfit ideas   

1. Casuals

Smart casuals are one of the first pairs you should add to your suitcase. These are a definite must-have in your wardrobe. A pair of denim, shorts, casual jackets and T-shirts do it all, suiting the best resort vibes and pertaining to your comfortable look at a staycation. Make sure you choose the best classy casuals that make you look stylish as well as comfortable at the same time. 

2. Functional wear 

Functional wear is nothing but personal clothing essentials for a particular activity. For example, one must always pack a pair or two of swimming costumes for the swimming pool fun activities. It would be best if you also kept in mind that resorts come with many indoor and outdoor activities. Therefore, wearing a functional outfit that will make you comfortable playing golf, cricket, or board games is extremely important. These dresses or costumes are known as activewear. 

3. Evening elegant dress

Resorts usually plan on evenings and weekend nights that are sophisticated and lavish. Therefore it is always advisable to carry 2-3 evenings elegant dresses to wear at the resort. Carry the best you have, as most resorts have lavish events requiring you to put a lot of effort into dressing up. Moreover, another advantage of this might be that you will get some good clicks for your social media and tada! It works wonders either way. So have you packed your best dresses to wear in resorts yet? This one is our personal favourite resort outfit idea out of all. Backless dresses, satin shirts, dresses, and tuxedos work best for elegant evening dresses. 

4. PJs

What else is a resort vacation if not for a comfortable and relaxed spot for quality time with your family or friends? Packing a pair of pyjamas is a definite breath of fresh air on your resort staycation. It is a pyjama party if you decide to go for a relaxed, chill vacation vibe. The best comfortable pair of PJs is all you need to make your vacation the best time of your life.

5. Resort formals

Resort formals are nothing but clothing lines that perfectly fit casual and formal. This attire is like your polo T-shirt for a Golf game. Formals that are comfortable and fun to wear are also a crucial part of outfits you can wear for a resort. This is one of the resort outfit ideas that will be minimalistic and make you look ten times better effortlessly. This category includes T-shirts with motifs, floral dresses, Stylish pastel shirts with shorts, and plain casual skirts and tops. All these are part of outfits for a resort that will uplift your overall attire. 


Now that we have discussed different tips and resort outfit ideas that will help you slay your vacation/staycation in a resort, start packing your bags and head right to Grand Arena, the best vacation destination in Hyderabad. Have the best time of your life with your family and friends at the best staycation in Hyderabad.  

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